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Canarella has been creating Old School Gourmet Jam’s in Ventura since 2010 using our traditional, small batch, handmade process. What is a "Small Batch" process? We use copper kettles that allow us to cook the fruit with precise heat which gives you a naturally fruity yet sweet jams no need for water or pectin. Our jams are hand stirred, poured, and made the same way our grandparents made them. Our jams are not made in mass quantities or so many flavors you forget what it was your plate was yearning for.

 The taste reflect the process. Canarella will use only the best quality fresh fruits from West Coast farms, orchards and suppliers without any artificial additives or preservatives.  Canarella Jams come in many wonderful old classic flavors and a few surprising combinations that will give your taste buds a treat and you will be tasting the season long after it is gone!

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Our Promises


- family is first

- kindness makes for delicious jams

- that slow and natural is a good thing

- working with our local community makes a grand partnership

- you are never to old for a PB&J 

- there is no rush 

- the good ole' days are right here

- talking is good for the soul

- friends come in many flavors

-never lose sight of what business your in

-a true leader is accessible

-do your homework and be prepared

Once Upon a Jam

Our Partner



Canarella as a small local Simi Valley business is delighted to help our local community in every way. We have the opportunity to partner up with Forever Found. Forever Found is a local non-profit that exist to support the prevention, rescue, and restoration of child trafficking victims.  This problem we often think is not in our own backyard but it is and this is our opportunity as well as yours to help. Canarella will donate 5% of their annual sales hoping that together as a community we can all make a difference locally.  

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What are people Saying ?


Karen and Greg, Simi Valley

" The Strawberry Balsamic is sensual and sweet, the balsamic really enhances the strawberry flavor.  Orange  marmalade reminds me of the kind my grandma would make.  Brings back  delicious memories!  Fantastic on toast in the morning. "


Judy and Don P, Simi Valley

"I've  been buying Canarella products for several years.  Not only have they  made well appreciated gifts, we are hooked ourselves on a variety of   items."


Julie W, Ventura County

" Canarella has amazing products they make great gifts but I secretly always keep some for myself ! Yummy!!!" 

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